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YummyTabs unlocks valuable online real estate for publishers, brands and influencers, giving our partners the power to take over a standard new tab with a branded experience that they control and own. Through this unique solution, our partners can communicate to their audience through an engaging, high volume channel while receiving direct traffic to their most valued content.

We have partnered with some of the greatest brands to offer fan and customer engagement through the web-browser via a media-rich, highly engaging new tab page that draws the user into your content multiple times a day. No one is as focused as we are on your success in this space and we pride ourselves on our amazing client roster and the successes. We look forward to working with you in bringing this valuable tool to your fans too...

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Disruptive Engagement

Over 32% click average thru on your content.

Deep Brand Visibility

Your content is 100% visible and void of clutter.

Returning Users

Increase the returning users' rate multiple times per day.

Multiple Touch Points

On average a user sees the new tab 212 times a month.

Proven Results

Our one hundred partners leverage new tabs to drive traffic and revenue.

New Channels

Increase your online presence with your own New Tab extension.

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At YummyTabs we believe that just like everything in the world the browsing experience is evolving. Tabs were developed to optimize browsing space and launching a new tab thus became a main step in the browsing flow. Our talented team found opportunity to improve it and change the way people use their new tabs. Just like your mobile device's home screen YummyTabs give you a more productive start of the browsing experience. And, we also customized it with high definition themes to make it more enjoyable.