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Install Overwatch New Tab Themes and enjoy HD wallpapers of exciting Overwatch scenes every time you open a new tab. Enjoy hundreds of Overwatch wallpapers in HD quality. With daily updates this Chrome extension makes your New Tabs just awesome!

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Welcome to the amazing world of Overwatch each time you open your new tab. Overwatch HD Wallpapers delivers hundreds of high resolution and 4K background images to your new tab in addition to some very useful tools. Powered by YummyTabs, this amazing extension that will significantly enhance your browsing experience. Replace your browser's new tab page with an incredible dashboard featuring constantly updated Overwatch wallpapers, powerful weather forecasts, meditation mode, speed tabs and other features.

For all you Overwatch fans this is going to blow your mind. We add new wallpapers daily of only the highest quality scenes. A new surprise awaits you every time you open your browser.

  • Hundreds of unique Overwatch wallpapers that are updated daily.
  • Ultra customization. Leave the minimalist default screen or go to settings and completely customize the look and feel.
  • Current weather and daily forecasts.
  • Meditation mode (screen saver) to focus on the amazing backgrounds.
  • Beautiful clock and calendars.
  • Quick access to your most visited sites, bookmarks and apps.
About Overwatch

In Overwatch, it's been 30 years since humanity fought against artificial intelligence in the global war known as the "Omnic Crisis." Overwatch was the international task force formed by the United Nations to keep the peace between humans and AI. The heroes of Overwatch continued to protect the world for years, becoming a beacon of hope to the people. Then things began to change. Accusations of corruption and criminal activity began to tarnish the reputation of Overwatch, leading to the unexplained destruction of the team's headquarters. Branded as criminals, traitors, and even worse, Overwatch was officially disbanded. With no one to stand against the forces of evil, peace is being threatened once again. Despite being divided, disgraced, and disavowed, the world needs the heroes of Overwatch now more than ever -- but who will answer the call?

This first-person shooter is a Pixar-esque sci-fi wonderland built on an amazing world full of entertaining heroes and villains. As fantastic as the Overwatch universe is, though, it's strange that so little of the story unfolds over the course of the actual game. Outside of the game's cinematic opening and some occasional in-match dialogue among certain characters, there's not much character or plot development. The characters don't even have a bio in the gallery, only customization options and a list of their abilities.

Each of the game's more-than-20-strong roster feels like a complete and unique character. Plus, by allowing you (and even encouraging you) to swap out characters mid-match, there's more than enough opportunity to find the heroes or villains who fit your particular style of play. The basic controls are easy to pick up and quick to learn, but figuring out the best tactics to use, both for your character and as a part of a team, adds a layer of complexity that will take plenty of time to master.

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